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Recording your Elk session in Ableton Live
Recording your Elk session in Ableton Live

Route audio in Ableton Live so you can record your sessions

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This is a quick step-by-step guide on how to route your audio in Ableton Live so that you can record your Elk sessions.


Start by setting up Elk WIRE in Ableton Live. If you're unsure how to do it, just follow follow this guide.

Prefer a written guide?

Ok. Once Elk WIRE is set up and running follow these few steps:

1) Create a new audio track to be used for recording (In this guide called Recording)

2) Select the return track running Elk WIRE as input to that track

3) Make sure it's put to Post FX and that the Monitor is set to auto. Arm it for recording and you're ready to record your Elk session.

Note: Following these steps lets you record the incoming audio from your remote bandmates only. If you also want to record your own tracks, make sure to record those tracks at the same time.

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