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Recording your Elk session in Logic Pro
Recording your Elk session in Logic Pro

Route audio in Logic Pro so you can record your sessions

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This is a quick step-by-step guide on how to route your audio in Logic Pro so that you can record your Elk sessions.


Start by setting up Elk WIRE. If you're unsure of how to do it just follow this guide.

Setting up for recording

Once Elk WIRE is set up and running, follow these few steps:

Prefer a written guide?

Ok. Once Elk WIRE is set up and running follow these few steps:

1) On the bus that is running the Elk WIRE plugin, change the output from Stereo Output to output the audio to another bus (in this guide called bus 2).

2) Create a new audio track (in this guide called Recording track), and select the new bus (bus 2) as input to that track, and arm it for recording.

3) Your Elk routing should now look something like this.

  • Inputs to Elk WIRE bus (via sends)

  • Elk WIRE bus outputs to bus 2

  • Bus 2 inputs to audio track used for recording

Note: Following these steps lets you record the incoming audio from your remote bandmates only. If you also want to record your own audio tracks, make sure to record those tracks at the same time.

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