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Elk - Get started
Elk - Get started

A brief overview of Elk

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Getting started with Elk should be straightforward, but just in case, here are a few pointers.


Elk revolves around the concept of rooms—a virtual space to meet, play, and collaborate. Once created, a room is saved to your account for repeated use.

As the owner, you can add or remove access to people and change the room's name. Click on the top-right symbol of a room to open the Settings menu.

Room Access

You can grant access to your room in two ways: permanently or temporarily.

Permanent access allows sharing a room with up to 4 people, giving them unlimited access without the need for admission.

The Room ID is a unique identifier for temporary access. Share it with those you want to invite for a one-off session. Once they input the ID, you need to admit them.

Setting up your Audio

In the Audio IN/OUT drop-downs, select your preferred audio interface. Before entering a room, ensure you have a good audio input signal.

Starting a Session

To enter a room, click on the room card. Your session starts when there's at least one other person in the room.

By hovering with your cursor over the video you will activate the mixer overlay. For each person, you have dedicated faders to control the audio. Use these controls to create your mix.


Click the question mark in the lower left corner if you have any questions or need help to get started.

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