Connection Failed

Can't connect to the Bridge

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If you see the Connection failed error message it means the computer is not able to connect to your Bridge.

Power & Internet

First, please make sure your Bridge is powered on and that the ethernet cable from the router is correctly connected to it.

You should also make sure the computer you are using to run the Elk LIVE web app is on the same network as your Bridge. If you have multiple routers in your house, please make sure that both your Bridge and your computer are connected to the same one. (Your computer can be on wifi, just as long as the wifi is connected to the same router as the Bridge.)

If all of this is OK, your issue is most likely due to a DNS setting that is easily updated following the instruction below.

How to change your DNS setting

If after updating your DNS setting you still get the Connection failed error message please reboot your Bridge (hold power butting on the back pressed until it powers off, then press again to power on) and then file an issue report under the ? button.

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