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Elk - requirements
Elk - requirements

Whats needed to get the best possible Elk experience

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Collaboration online with Elk can mean many different things and different use cases come with different requirements, but in general, these are things that will improve your experience the most.

External Audio Interface

An external audio interface boosts your Elk experience quite a bit, both in terms of workflow and also from a sound quality perspective. If you are using an external audio interface, please make sure to use only channels 1 & 2.


If you're using an open microphone, like your computer’s built-in mic or a vocal mic of any kind, you'll need headphones to avoid feedback. Bluetooth headphones have a lot of added latency, so wired headphones are preferable.

Wired Internet (Ethernet)

For the best possible Elk experience, please use a wired internet connection (ethernet). It’s much faster and more reliable than WiFi.

If you don't have access to a wired connection, please go ahead and give it a try on WIFI. Depending on the distance between players and what you aim to do with Elk, you might still have a great experience!

Good Internet Connection

The quality of your internet connection has a direct impact on the quality of your session. For optimal performance, your up & download speed should be at around 10 Mbps, and your ping should ideally be lower than 10 milliseconds.

This is however just a recommendation. We have many players using Elk with lower up & download speeds and higher ping than that. Once again, the best way to find out what works for you is to try it!


To use Elk you'll need a Mac computer running Big Sur, Monterey, Ventura, or Sonoma.

Windows support is in the making and will be released sometime spring of 2024.

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